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Shop Fairly Ethics

  • Diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Traceability
  • Transparency

If you want to be sure that installing the Shop Fairly add-on is a way of giving to charity, if you're looking for explanations and guarantees regarding the way it works, you have come to the right place: read on!

Shop Fairly's approach

Shop Fairly offers a series of services based on principles of social economics and solidarity. It offers all-round benefits: our users make savings on their online purchases and give automatically generated money to charity for free.

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How can it possibly work?

Shop Fairly's income stems from a classical affiliate marketing mechanism: thanks to our website and browser add-ons, Shop Fairly generates business for a host of online stores and, in return, they pay a commission to Shop Fairly when our users buy from them.

Motivated by ethical considerations, at Shop Fairly, we have chosen to show our support for charitable causes by donating half of our pre-tax income to charity.

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How much do our partner charities actually get?

Shop Fairly gives 50% of the income it makes from pre-tax commissions to the four charities it is associated with at any one time, for a particular country: in practice, therefore, each charity receives 12,5% of total commissions earned.

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How do you know you can trust us ?

Firstly, Shop Fairly only works with charities which have chosen to enter into an official and legal agreement according to which Shop Fairly is engaged to raise money in their name.

Secondly, each time that Shop Fairly gives its partner charities the funds which have been raised, there is an accompanying document showing the amount collected via commissions and the way the money has been shared out and distributed.

Finally, at the end of each fund-raising campaign, at Shop Fairly we publish the amount of money generated on our website and via our different communication tools.

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Any further questions or doubts?

If you haven't found answers to all your questions, please feel free to contact us directly or check out the list of FAQ online which we have tried to respond to as comprehensively as possible.

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