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Help & support

The charities and fund-raising campaigns

Where do the funds we raise come from?

The money is directly and exclusively generated by your online purchases and yet it doesn't cost you a cent more than the actual price of your shopping.

It works as follows: once you've installed the Shop Fairly browser add-on, or accessed online stores via the Shop Fairly website - picking up any relevant coupons or deals on your way – then, if you decide to buy anything from our partner online stores, a percentage of your check will be paid to Shop Fairly, according to the principles of affiliate marketing.

We, at Shop Fairly, guarantee that half of the pre-tax commissions received in this way will be given to our partner charities and shared out, in equal proportion, between them.

The service is therefore completely free of charge for you and brings you the satisfaction of knowing that a percentage of you normal expenditure will go to charity, not to mention the savings you might make thanks to the great coupons and deals we have on offer.