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Help & support

The charities and fund-raising campaigns

At what point do the charities get the money?

So as to avoid any cash-flow issues, at Shop Fairly, we give the money raised on behalf of each of our partner charities to them once we have received the total amount of commissions due to us, from the online stores, for the period in question.  

We do not receive the commissions we earn via affiliate marketing at the actual time of the transactions, but some time later. For example, if you were to buy something in January, at Shop Fairly, we'd expect to receive the commission from that purchase in March or April, or maybe even later.

However, if certain stores still haven't paid what they owe after several months, we undertake to pay to the charities their share of whatever has been paid to us, within a maximum of 6 months after the end of the relevant fund-raising campaign.