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The charities and fund-raising campaigns

How much money do the charities get?

If you are looking for an explanation as to how the money is generated, the answer is given above, in the previous topic. This paragraph deals with the way in which we calculate the amounts to be given to our partner charities.

Generally speaking, in so far as it is possible, Shop Fairly manages parallel fund-raising campaigns for four different and unrelated charities in each country, at any one time. To simplify the bookeeping, the four fund-raising campaigns run simultaneously, starting and ending at the same time, so that all the money raised for the greater good over that period, in any particular country, will be evenly split between the four partner charities for the country.

For example, if your shopping generates $6 pre-tax in commission for Shop Fairly, $3 will be shared between the 4 partner charities for the United States for the period in question, which makes 75 cents per charity.

That may, at first, sound like next to nothing but, bearing in mind that e-commerce represents some $900 billion of turnover across the world, your contribution, combined with those of other caring internet users, could literally help build a better world, by funding some really far-reaching projects.