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The charities and fund-raising campaigns

How I can I be sure that the money raised by my purchases really will go to charity?

First and foremost, the charities which we present on our website and via our other services, have entered into an official partnership with Shop Fairly, on the basis of a detailed and precise legal document which defines the conditions attached to the fund-raising campaign run by Shop Fairly in their name.

Furthermore, when Shop Fairly transfers the money raised to the various charities, we never fail to give them a detailed report showing the total amount of money raised over the course of their campaign and in the relevant country, as well as the details of the amount given to each participating charity for the period and the zone in question.

Finally, at the end of each fund-raising campaign, we publish the final figure showing the total amount raised for each charity on the dedicated page of Shop Fairly's website and via our different communication tools so that our users know what they have helped to achieve.