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Help & support

The charities and fund-raising campaigns

How does Shop Fairly choose the charities for which it raises money?

We develop partnerships with charities which do important work to help improve the world we live in. Sometimes they contact Shop Fairly themselves, sometimes it is we who invite them to participate. What counts, for us, is their progressive values and their concrete projects and actions which improve the daily lives and habitats of those with whom we share our planet, whether they have feet, fur, fins, feathers or fronds,...

Our aim is to maintain, in a lasting way, a range of partnerships with charities which are involved in very diverse activities, so as to maximize the chances that all our users and potential users, will find charities on our books which speak to their preoccupations and sensitivities. In so doing, we hope that together, we will raise the most money possible for the greater good.

What matters most is to make a difference, to have a real impact.