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Help & support

Shop Fairly's service

How does it work ?

Basically, Shop Fairly offers a classical coupons and deals service base on affiliate marketing.

Shop Fairly therefore generates business for a large number of online stores: some of Shop Fairly visitors take up offers and follow links to affiliated online stores and, if they make purchases, Shop Fairly is paid a commission which is variable according to the store in question, the total value of purchases, etc.

However, Shop Fairly is unique in that we split the net revenues of our affiliate marketing activity in two:

  • we keep half and use it to pay our running costs and our employees, as well as reinvesting in Shop Fairly in order to improve or extend our service or employ more people
  • the other half is shared equally between the charities we are in partnership with at the time when the money is earned, this money is transferred directly to the charities and is subject to no further costs