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Help & support

The browser add-ons

How do I select the display options?

The standard setting is to have the full bar showing at the top of your browser screen, covering the complete width of the window, so as to be easy to see and to use :

However, you are at liberty to choose other display modes. With the first option, you can reduce the size of the bar by clicking on the icon on the far left of the bar :

This makes it reduce to a small banner displaying the number of offers. This makes it easier to navigate between different online stores in a more fluid way, whilst being kept informed, none the less. You can revert to the full sized bar by clicking on the banner whenever you like :

The second option allows you to mask the bar altogether by clicking on the icon on the far right end of the bar. When you do this, the bar will disappear, thereby hiding the coupons and deals available as well. You should only activate this option if you no longer need the bar during your store visit :

This method of defining the display options is temporary and only effects the bar for the duration of the session: when you next open your browser or your computer, the standard full bar setting will return. If you want an alternative option to become your default setting, you need to select it as such in the parameters screen, which can be accessed via the icon which is shaped like a cog and located in the full length bar :