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Help & support

The browser add-ons

How do I install the add-on?

On Firefox

The installation is done in a few simple clicks and does not require you to restart your browser. You begin by clicking on one of the dedicated buttons on our website (located at the top and bottom of each screen) :

A modal window will then appear, asking you to confirm your request to download the add-on. Click on the tab “download now” button at the bottom of the window, on the right (it can take a few seconds to do, as the browser has to download the information it requires) :

Once the installation is complete, a little black window will appear below your address bar, to show that the operation was successful :

You will then be transferred to a welcome page which will explain how to make the best out of our add-on.

You will also be invited to input you contact details and account preferences and to select your display preferences.