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Download our browser add-ons

  • Free
  • Easy to install
  • Smart
  • Non Intrusive

If you install the Shop Fairly browser add-on, you'll automatically raise money for charity every time you shop online and you'll be informed in real time of whatever coupons and deals are available at your favorite online stores.

It's quick and easy to download, no need to relaunch your browser

The Shop Fairly browser add-on just takes a few seconds to download and you won't need to relaunch the browser : a few clicks and you're all set! We do recommend that you set up your preferences in your Shop Fairly account in order to make the most of what's on offer, but the basic functions of the add-on work perfectly well even if you don't feel like doing that.

Further information on installation

It's smart and non-intrusive

The Shop Fairly browser add-on runs automatically whenever you visit one of our partner websites. That way it can let you know of any coupons or deals that may be available at that online store and you can click on any you want to use.

Whenever you like, you can hide the Shop Fairly smartbar for the remainder of your store visit or even permanently, if you so wish.

Further information on how it works

Stay connected and informed

Our browser add-on also allows you to stay in touch with Shop Fairly. We can let you know how much money you helped us raise for charity and tell you when we launch fundraising campaigns with new partner charities. Soon, we'll also be set up to notify you about new coupons and deals at your favorite stores.

Further information on personal accounts

Still have questions or feel unsure?

If you don't know what a browser add-on is, or whether you can trust Shop Fairly, or how the fund-raising works or what we do with personal information... you will find answers to all these questions and more in our FAQ pages. They should give you a full and clear picture of our services so that you can make an informed decision!

Check out our FAQ pages