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Children & Education

Take action for the women and young girls of Senegal with World Vision

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In March, on the occasion of Women's Day 2013, World Vision launched, with support from the European Commission, the campaign "Let's work for them" to improve the situation of women and girls in the Kounkané region in southern Senegal.
For more than 60 years, World Vision has worked around the world to improve the lives and future of children through mentoring programs that integrate community development. This campaign of information and action is to help protect girls from abuse and to strengthen the role of women in economic, political and public life of their country.

The Legislation is Encouraging but Inadequate

If in 2010, Senegal passed encouraging legislation ensuring full parity between men and women, much progress remains to be made to ensure that equality is effective. In fact, there still remains a strong discrimination against girls who are traditionally less estimed than boys: their chances of success are lower and they are more often victims of abuse or neglect.

As part of its celebration of Women's Day 2013, World Vision decided to bring aid to women and girls in the region Kounkané, in southern Senegal. In a campaign named "Interacting for Them", lasting 22 months, 50,000 people were involved around the fundamental objective of protecting mothers and daughters from all the violence and abuse they can regularly endure, improving their lives and working towards a better gender equality, whether economic, political or social.

Raising Awareness Through Workgroups

To achieve this ambitious goal, World Vision conducts on-site field action through collaborative work with religious leaders, women's organizations and local authorities, through meetings and discussions. These events are opportunities to address complex issues such as the issue of early marriage, of infantile sexual mutilation, contraception, and domestic violence in a progressive framework that respects local culture and traditions.

World Vision also organized, within the framework of this campaign, workshops for women destined to train them to manage a business or receive access to land and financial loans. World Vision is also working with local authorities and women's organizations to better prepare candidates for local elections. The purpose of this action is to strategically strengthen the role of women in economic, political and public life.

The Benefit of Experience

This initiative is part of a set of programs and sponsorship development that World Vision has had for more than 10 years in Senegal, showing a good local presence to guarantee efficiency and success for this new project. With "Let's Work for Them", World Vision is working hard to prepare a more egalitarian, and hence, better future for girls in Senegal. The association improves the daily security of girls and women and significantly opens their future, whether from the point of view of personal or professional life horizons.

If you would like to help World Vision improve the safety and the lives of thousands of women and girls, you can do it right now in just a few clicks: just add the Shop Fairly browser extension, which enables you to send a donation, free of charge, to World Vision thanks to your online purchase.

World Vision Logo

For over 60 years, World Vision has helped and protected some of the most vulnerable children in the world, mainly through the establishment of mentoring programs. These programs enable children, who have to grow up under unfavorable, sometimes brutal, conditions, succeed in contributing to the development of their communities through development projects supporting access to often lacking basic needs such as food, water, health and education.

Present in 97 countries, the association is also active in bringing emergency aid in dire situations of natural disasters or armed conflict, providing assistance to vulnerable communities but especially the children.

Lastly, since its inception, World Vision has been effective in lobbying governments and international institutions, thus defend the rights of the under-privileged children.

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